Tokenize Your Life

Time is money. You’ve got skills, talents. You can produce beautiful works. But how can you get value out of those talents and works?

Through tokenization. Tokenize your time, talents, skills, artworks, music, publications, and any item you own or can think of. Once tokenized, they can be used in a Rekoner Smart Contract. Buy, sell, trade, auction. It’s only limited by your imagination.

Tokenization can lead to much greater individual freedom. Think about having the ability to transact with any tokenized item around the world for a very small cost.

Transferring any kind of value around the world is now within our grasp.

  • Tokenize Anthing. Use Smart Contracts to tokenize anything, including your time, creations, skills, favors.
  • Write Smart Contracts to sell, trade, auction, or do virtually anything with your tokeninzed assets.
  • Simple and beautiful UI to manage your Ledgers and assets, and to interact with Smart Contracts.
  • Elegant programming model – Easily model state transformations with actions and reducers
  • 100% browser based end to end.

Truly innovative Smart Contract development

The Rekoner breaks new ground with truly innovative Smart Contract development. Contracts actions are modeled as simple JSON document tranformations.

Contract Development is done in the browser with a complete end to end development environment.

Construct simple and beautiful forms for all of your Smart Contract actions to make interactions with your contracts seamless and foolproof. Your contracts can easily be invoked from web links!

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November 2018

Tokenize Your Life and Live Free

Time is money. You've got skills, talents. You can produce beautiful works. But how can you get value out of those talents and works? Usually by going through some third party platform that takes a big cut. And worse, your [...]

September 2018

Portable Smart Contracts

Why Smart ContractsSmart Contacts are the force that mediates the blockchain. They are the entry point to the blockchain — how to get value and processes on to a blockchain.What processes should be transferred to a blockchain? Certainly any process [...]

Auction Contract – Part 1

Overview In the next few posts, we will build a sample auction contract. The auction contract is simple, but sufficient for many use cases. We'll start out with the template for the contract. The template contains the reducers, which are [...]

“Tokenize your time and and auction it off to your followers.”

“Sell your latest creations from any web page”

“Let others message you through Smart Contracts. Time is money!”