We are experienced technologists changing the world with Smart Contracts. Maybe that sounds a bit hyperbolic, but we believe this statement is true.

Think about how difficult it is to carry out the simplest transactions involving other parties. And those are the simple transactions. The hard transactions require teams of attorneys or specialists!

There is enormous unrealized potential in Smart Contract technology, which the Rekoner is about to change.

Bill Donahue
Bill DonahueFounder and CEO
Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in all aspects of software development. Bill has been at the forefront of technological change throughout his career, and sees cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies as tremendous economic forces that will change the world.
Joseph van Wijk
Joseph van WijkAdvisor
Joe has been the Director or Managing Director of many publicly listed NZ companies, including Senior Trust Retirement Village Listed Fund; Southern Charter Financial Group, TRS Investments and was Chairman of Pulse Energy winner of the Deliotte Fast 50 as the fastest growing company in New Zealand in 2012. Is currently Managing Director at Tasman Capital Limited.
Francis Pascual
Francis PascualTechnical Advisor
Francis is Systems Architect with diverse technical, project management skills and leadership gained from a career with ANZ Bank, ING, American International Group (AIG) and The University of Auckland. With over 25 years’ working in technology, he has worked strategically with teams to identify the best technical solution that meets the needs of a growing and changing business.
Andrew Lind
Andrew LindTechnical Lead
Andrew has 15 years experience spread across multiple industries, creating technical architecture, leadership of small to medium sized development teams, including off-shore development teams, and strong mentoring and coaching skills.


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