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Portable Smart Contracts

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Why Smart ContractsSmart Contacts are the force that mediates the blockchain. They are the entry point to the blockchain — how to get value and processes on to a blockchain.What processes should be transferred to a blockchain? Certainly any process that needs accountability, trust or agreement between parties, or transfers value, or creates value. Note that this includes many processes that haven't been digitized [...]

The Rekoner Programming Model

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The Rekoner uses a simple, elegant, and powerful programming model. All objects in the Rekoner are represented as JSON documents, and the JSONata query and transformation language (restricted, see below) is used for data transformations. First, some terms: Ledgers are key pairs and represent accounts. Templates are a set of Reducers, which are named bits of JSONata code that execute the contract logic. Coins [...]

Introducing The Rekoner

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Smart Contract platforms (like Ethereum) offer a powerful new way to build decentralized blockchain based applications. But, there are several major problems that exist which prevent wide adoption of these systems: The programming models are complex and difficult to reason about. It's difficult (or impossible) to verify that programs are correct. It's very costly to develop and run Smart Contracts on existing systems. The [...]